Artificial Intelligence is an evolving field that requires broad training in core courses, typically ranging from principles of computer science, cognitive psychology and statistics, to sciences and advanced engineering. Here’s a list of the top four undergraduate artificial intelligence universities in the world.

1. MIT

MIT is known globally, as one of the world’s most highly esteemed technical universities. MIT runs several world class computer research centers such as its largest Artificial intelligence research lab, CSAIL. MIT is commonly known for its education and research in the physical sciences and engineering, and more recently in biology, economics, linguistics as well as it’s Sloan management school. All classes at MIT are taught by distinguished professors currently including

  • 10 Nobel Laureates
  • 2 millennium technology prize winners
  • 10 national medal of science winners
  • 21 MacArthur fellows
  • 2 Pulitzer Prize winners

Among these are Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, Patrick H. Wilson. Prof. Wilson is focused on the Human Intelligence Enterprise, which brings together and focuses research from several fields, including Computer Science, Systems Neuroscience, Cognitive Science and Linguistics.

2. IIT Bombay

The IIT is a public institute of education founded in 1959 in India. The institute is located in places all over India such as Delhi, Bombay, and Kanpur. The Bombay campus stands out as the leader in Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Natural Language Processing. IIT Bombay comprehensively covers the engineering and science courses and has produced several laureates and noble prize winners.

Among the brilliant faculty is Professor Soumen Chakrabarti, a world-class researcher and expert in several CS fields, Data Mining and Machine Learning.

3. UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley has had a long history of contributing to computer science such as Paul Moron’s Vacuum Tube in 1948 using the California digital computer. The school houses one of the most decorated faculties in the world with

  • 85 National Academy of Engineering representatives
  • 130 National Academy of Science representatives
  • 7 Noble prize winners

Scientists and alumni from this school have been at the heart of advancing computer systems right from the beginning. Among that distinguished group are nine winners of one of Computer Science’s most prestigious accolades, the Turing award. Berkeley’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, EECS, is involved in foundational AI research, including probabilistic Inference, speech and language parsing, computer vision and robotics. The recently launched BAIR blog showcases the distinguished faculty one might learn under if accepted to this prestigious program.

4. UC Santa Barbara

UCSB, located on the beautiful coast of southern California, has graduated six noble prize winners. UC Santa Barbara can also boast having discovered the first ever world’s non – polar blue violet laser diodes and practical scanning microscope. The Computer Science department has one of the finest groups of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning faculty in the world. Among that faculty is William Wang, who is focused on the theoretical foundation and practical algorithms of AI. He is only an example of a department full of faculty that’s truly on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.