For the last few years, we’ve been a huge wave of AI companies in the sprouting up in the UK. As a tech hotbed, it’s no surprise to see Britain leading the way in terms of AI development. However, some of the big UK names are really beginning to become a popular part of the Artificial Intelligence industry for a few simple reasons.

Let’s take a look at some of the names who are really beginning to catch the attention of the public – and the big dogs. So, who are the shining lights of the UK AI scene?


Powerful and growing at an unprecedented rate, Cambridge-based Darktrace is an all-purpose security platform. Known for being able to locate cyber assaults before anything even goes wrong, it’s going to become a major part of the security sector for years to come. Darktrace is looking to become the antidote to the rapid, near impossible ascent of cybercrime. With a whopping $65m raised already, Darktrace is already becoming a major player in the lucrative cybersecurity industry – and with good reason.

They have already put themselves forward as a useful solution for any client-sensitive industry. From banking and insurance to healthcare and computing, there’s going to be a huge need for the fast-acting, no fuss around approach of Darktrace. People are finally beginning to realize the importance of protection and detection of threatening malware. With Darktrace already making a big name for itself, it’s going to be the primary solution in the UK for trying to keep pace with cybercriminals.


The perfect companion to Darktrace, Onfidu is going to offer a telling and impressive program for ID and Background Check solutions. Put together by a team of crack Oxford graduates, the technology and ideology behind it is very likely impressive. Offering a chance for fast and effective ID verification will be very attractive for Major Sectors. Now it’s going to be easier to identify security threats, to run intelligent background checks and even initiate a criminal record overview on a person to see if they are really are who they say they are.

Onfidu’s mission is to try and make background checks take minutes, rather than days. With that in mind, it’s become one of the most prominent and spectacular solutions on the market today for companies interested in making authentic background checks a possibility. One of the main reasons it stands out so much, is the fact they have already garnered a whopping $25m worth of investment. They’re a big name in the industry already, and look ready to grow further with the development of the kind of software that big industries crave.

Background checks have become a vital part of UK security today. Orwellian as it may seem, Onfidu does it very well.


A huge one for businesses in the mood for creating content and advertising themselves better. According to developers, Echobox is the “first AI that understands the meaning of content”. This is both exciting and dangerous in equal parts. While it’s “only” raised $3.4m in funding so far, Echobox investment is likely to grow as businesses across all major industries begin to really spot the potential that this brings to the forefront. Echobox was created by Antoine Amann, a Cambridge mastermind who worked with the FT in the past and is on the frontier of the AI industry.

By helping to “optimize post performance” this AI is going to be essential for optimizing brand recognition and overall content management for years to come. It’s a huge step in the right direction for one of the largest industries on the planet. By optimizing content for maximum value and consumption quality, this is going to become one of the most prominent tools in social media marketing and beyond.

It claims to double social media referrals for companies it works with already, which is ominous for anyone in the social media game.


Phrasee is becoming a bit of a name in the world of AI in the UK as it offers a digital marketing optimization program that nobody else appears to be touching. This is one of those all-encompassing AI programs that, if made correctly, could literally benefit every industry on the planet. It helps to optimize the message put across in any kind of digital marketing, ensuring that it makes use of natural and authentic language to sound correct. This is a hugely important factor in long-term growth and development, and is likely to play a pretty significant role in how content is managed and manipulated in the years to come.

From improving e-mail open rates to ensuring calls to action are more likely actually convert, it’s a digital marketer’s dream. While it’s not made for any specific industry or purpose, it’s going to carry a huge amount of weight in the world of marketing. With most people delighted with single-digit click-through-rates, this company which has already raised over $1m could help to finally up standards and expectations when it comes to marketing anything from entertainment to healthcare.

With all of this in mind, then, it should become a little easier to fully believe and buy into the power of the UK AI scene. Having long been one of the global powerhouses in technology and other forms of social improvement, this latest lurch towards pushing the AI enveloper across industries isn’t likely to fade anytime soon.

These companies are just a small portion of the AI industry around the globe. For more examples of AI startups disrupting the Insurance industry click here.